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The African Wildlife Trust (AWT) invites you to take part in an epic 3 day bike ride from the entrance of Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area to Arusha.

Safari companies and guides, students, conservationists and interested local people are invited to participate in three days of biking or just come out for any of these days to show their support for local conservation efforts.

The goal of the event is to bring awareness to the larger community and media about the urgent conservation issues facing Tanzania today.

Let us unite in response to urgent threats to our wildlife, land and economy and make our community and the larger world aware about the poaching crisis we are facing.

Let us work together to protect endangered wildlife for future generations of Tanzania and the world.

All are welcome! Come join us, have a great experience and make a difference!

Participants can join for fee of Sh 60, 000 to cover costs of water and fruit stations, rally t-shirts, medical stand-by, police escorts, permits, meals and overnight camping facilities. Please bring your own sleeping bag, mat, tent, plate, cup and cutlery.

For more information and to register please contact:


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